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Royal Dress forms - mannequin sale in Moscow

We are pleased to welcome you on the official website of our company. Here you can order the best quality, beautiful and easy to use dress forms at the best prices.

Company Royal Dress forms is engaged in manufacturing and sale of dress forms in Moscow for a very long time. Over the years our company has expanded its range - now you can buy our company mannequins, suitable for a variety of purposes:

Demonstration. Dress forms of this kind are intended for demonstration of clothes in shops, boutiques and showrooms. Royal Dress Forms products emphasize the benefits of the apparel you offer

Tailoring. Our low-priced dress forms will become your reliable assistant in the designer clothes creation in a studio (on request) or at home (for you and your loved ones)

Scale. These products are designed to teach future couturier create trendy clothes. They are useful on every stage of training

Why choose Royal Dress forms?

Many aspiring clothing store owners and fashion atelier wonder where to buy dress forms in Moscow? Indeed, there are a lot of companies in the capital selling these products. Why choose us? We guarantee the highest quality of our products. Each of the dress forms you can buy from us will meet all your requirements. For the time of Royal Dress forms work, not a single customer was disappointed with the quality of our products Here you can order a mannequin of any type and size. A choice of our products will help you cope with any tasks

We do not overprice. It is a great success to buy dress forms in Moscow at a low price. Do not miss the opportunity!

Royal Dress forms products are the high-quality, stylish, reliable and functional. Here you will find what you need!

Let’s create a unique style of your shop! Royal Dress forms company accepts orders for tailoring exclusive dress forms cover.
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Alla 04.12.2014

Wonderful floral mannequin Victoria perfectly fit into my home! And stitched lines are very comfy. I dreamed about such dummie only!

Stanislav 03.12.2014

I gifted my niece scale mannequin in a flower cover for the 10th birthday.

It turned out that she had a passion to invent new outfits.

Now she does not watch TV, creating new dresses, draperies, studying mother's magazines "Vogue" and "ELLE".

The best thing about it is that working with small details motility brings up abstract thinking in children. Recommend.

Vladislav 19.08.2014

Thank U! Functional and beautiful.

A specially manufactured mannequin covered with colored cloth was made for me. I did not think it would look so impressive! I'm thinking to get couple of them to use as beautiful clothes hangers at home. Both functionally and beautiful.